Nominated for NFF Gouden Kalf Best Interactive

Soft Bodies is part of this year’s selection of the Goulde Kalf Beste Interactive 2020 Nederlands Film Festival!

In September 2020 Weightless Bricks Act II: Collaboration will be exhibited at the NFF Interaction Exhibition as part of the following amazing line-up:

  • #VerlorenJongensZullenWinnen – Polina Medvedeva en Isaura – Sanwirjatmo (Studio Isaura San)
  • Big Village – Beri Shalmashi en Lyangelo Vasquez (Kaliber Film)
  • Eden’s Adventures – Abner Preis (A. Preis)
  • Exodus – Jasper Rietman (Submarine Channel)
  • Inktzwart – Iris van der Meule (Iris van der Meule)
  • More Moiré² – Philip Vermeulen (Studio Philip Vermeulen)
  • nerd_funk – Ali Eslami en Mamali Shafahi (ALLLESSS)
  • Weightless Bricks Act II: Collaboration –Paula Strunden en John Cruwys (Soft Bodies)

For press release, please visit NFF official website:

Weightless Bricks Act II: Collaboration at MU Artspace Eindhoven

Worlding Worlds has been extended! Weightless Bricks Act II: Collaboration can now be experienced at MU Artspace until 1. August 2020. The exhibition curated by Angelique Spaninks presents various imaginary worldviews, scenarios and storylines ranging from films, animations, installations to interactive VR experiences.

Participating artists:

· Ainslee Alem Robson
· Andrew Thomas Huang
· Baum & Leahy
· David OReilly
· Ian Cheng
· Joanie Lemercier
· Kordae Jatafa Henry
· Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley (@ladydangfua)
· Liam Young
· Mehraneh Atashi
· Stéphane Borel
· Soft Bodies (Paula Strunden & John Cruwys)
· Viviane Komati

More details about the exhibition and reservations at: