Worlding Worlds Online Exhibition

MU Artspace Eindhoven just opened its doors, virtually!

Soft Bodies’ latest co-op MR installation ‘Weightless Collaboration’ is now displayed online, as part of the amazing exhibition ‘Worlding Worlds’ curated by Angelique Spaninks:

“While the corona virus is creating a new reality around us, MU has found a way to virtually lead you into an array of alternative worlds. Especially now, imaginary worlds can be a relief. But the queer, utopian, dystopian, germinating, irreconcilable worlds that MU discloses online as Worlding Worlds at, offer more than just distraction. In a choir of critical and upbeat voices, thirteen artists and designers question dominant views, opposing them with unexpected possibilities and creating the space that can be hard to find in society as we know it.”

Read more about the exhibition and watch the trailer at:

Watch Paula Strunden and John Cruwys explaining the making-of their co-op MR installation ‘Weightless Collaboration’ build between London and Amsterdam:

Watch all the other videos on MU’s Worlding Worlds Vimeo Channel:

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